Sacred Visions Powwow Nevada
8th Annual  ~  Te Nanumu Magodyuku  ~  July 22-24, 2016




An idea of a Pow-wow arose and an attitude of let us make it happen was the birthplace for this event. Chairman Gordon Dodd stated, “I had been thinking of having a Pow-wow for a while” which he mentioned it to a friend. A month or so went by and my friend asked me again if I thought about it anymore, I told her I had, she said “Let’s do it, I’ll make a flyer for Sacred Visions Pow-Wow info photothe meeting, and we will make it happen.” On December 20, 2008 was our first Pow-wow meeting was held. We began with 7 interested individuals and 1 Youth member. Through the minds of all committee members we came up the name “Sacred Visions”, this name was chosen based on the legend of the “Stone Mother of Pyramid Lake.” In choosing a theme for the 1st Annual Sacred Visions Competition Pow-wow, we felt it was a good time for Bringing the People Home “Te Nanumu Magodyuku.”

Mission Statement: It is our Mission of the Pyramid Lake Sacred Visions Pow-wow Committee to bring all the children of our “Stone Mother” back home. From the very young to our Elders, families of the North, South, East and West. For all to forever gather in a good way without pain and suffering, to enjoy and share each other’s company through the spirit of our Traditions.

Vision Statement: Our Vision is one, we see the future of our children carrying on our Traditions and Culture generations after generations, and this is just the beginning of the future for the people of Pyramid Lake.

With the community behind the vision, sponsors for poles were taken by families, organizations, etc. Some people made “In Memory of” loved ones who had passed to keep their memories strong in this sacred circle. (see Arbor & hand game layouts)


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