Sacred Visions Powwow Nevada
8th Annual  ~  Te Nanumu Magodyuku  ~  July 22-24, 2016



3 man tournament. True double elimination
Sacred Visions Pow-wow hand games photo

1st Place $1000.00+
2nd Place $750.00+
3rd Place $250.00+
Other places to be determined

Registration Fee $60.00 per team 5 Players Double Elimination
Tournament starts on Saturday, July 23, 2016 - evening time

Powwow Committee’s not responsible for theft, fire, short funded travelers, divorces, accidents, or injuries.

DRUG & ALCOHOL FREE EVENT. This will be enforced.

Tournament Rules

1. Once registration has closed, you may not add or change players on registration form.

2. When hiding under scarf one hand must be showing.

3. Ten stick game. No kick country.

4. Pointers can be anyone on the team.
The pointer must let the other team know who is going to point before the hider’s hide.

5. No motioning or fake guessing.

6. NO Thumb pointing.

7. Once the bones are hidden, you cannot go back under. When guessed you must show both bones!

8. Yoiu can guess with bones. Guesser shows first!

9. No bone hopping.

10. Doubling of bones will result in FORFEIT of bones only.


12. All players must be ready to play at the beginning of game. You must start with everyone on your roster. If you do not have all your players on your team after a 10 minute grace period, your team will be disqualified.

13. The hand game committee will have the final say if needed.

14. The team captain must inform all team members of rules.

15. Any team member found under the influence of drugs/alcohol will be asked to leave and escorted by security off powwow grounds. The player will be disqualified from tournament.



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